Power generators & chillers for Schiphol Airport during expansion

Schiphol Airport relies on Aggreko to keep cool during expansion

The Challenge for the Customer

Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport underwent a massive renovation project to increase its passenger capacity.  Extensive improvements to the central passenger lounge and shopping area meant that the airport’s existing air conditioning system had to be shut down. 

Aggreko’s Solution

To ensure the comfort of Schiphol’s passengers, Aggreko supplied three chillers of 100 kW each and two air conditioners of 150kW each. The power for this equipment came from a 320kVA diesel generator set, also brought into action by Aggreko, complete with auxiliary equipment. 

The Benefits to the Customer

With the reliability of the Aggreko equipment, Schiphol was able to maintain its air quality standards, keeping passengers and staff comfortable during the expansion.

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