Supporting The Grid 2 x 10 MW Base Load Station

Supporting The Grid 2 x 10 MW Base Load Station

The challenge to the customer

Two locations on the Island of Rhodes Greece needed additional power to support the influx of tourists. During the busy season, power demand at this popular Mediterranean resort area surpassed the local grid capacity.

Aggreko's solution

Aggreko supplied 2 x 10 MW of power to support the grid during the three months. Both plants comprised generator along with step up transformers and associated HV switchgear. The plants operated in parallel with the grid and all generator sets operated in base load. The generators were fitted with electronic controllers and synchronizing units. Synchronizing was achieved both manually and fully automatically using Aggreko AT remote control panels.

The benefits to the customer

Aggreko’s temporary power station created and maintained additional power for the island in a cost effective manner. The customer chose Aggreko's services due to the flexibility and commercial suitability of our offer.

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